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Laurie McKay

We talked to tween author Laurie McKay at her book signing at the Novels & Novelties Bookstore (formerly The Fountainhead Bookstore.) She had just released her second book in the Dragon Charmer series and was greeted by a crowd of happy kids. For more about Laurie McKay visit www.lauriemckay.net




Kimberley Jochl

Kimberley Jochl has experienced things most of us only dream of. Fly Baby is her dramatic story of life at the very highest level of international ski racing competition and how that experience has affected her life. For more on Kimberley and her books visit http://kimberleyjochl.com .

Gary Sizer

I had a lot of fun talking with Gary Sizer about his book,Where’s the Next Shelter. Its a great story of hiking the A.T. To follow Gary and his writing and teaching you can visit  http://garysizer.com .

Jon Decker

This week I met up with  Jon Decker at the Barns and Nobel Bookstore at Biltmore Part  to learn about his book, Golf is My Life.  You can follow news about Jon and his book at http://jondeckergolf.com .



Christy English Dec 16

I got to talk to Christy English about the release of her third book in the Broadswords and Ballrooms series: How to Train Your Highlander. To follow all the news and blogs visit


Monika Schroeder and Shannon Hitchcock

In this episode I talked with two tween authors, Monica Schroeder and Shannon Hitchcock. I found out these writers are not afraid to tackle some serious topics, but they do so in ways that engage and entertain their target age group. To learn more about them and their books you can visit their websites at http://www.monikaschroeder.com and http://www.shannonhitchcock.com .

Mark de Castrique

Mark de Castrique and I did this interview in front of a live audience at the  Novels and Novelties Book Store. The audience added a lot of good questions and energy and we had a great time talking about books, Watergate and much more. To follow Mark and his latest work visit http://www.markdecastrique.com.

Leanna Sain

This episode features award winning author, Leanna Sain. We talked about    her latest book, Red Curtains, about her romantic suspense trilogy, The Gate to Nowhere, and much more. For more on Leanna and her work visit her website at http://leannasain.com .

Shirrel Rhoades

I talked to Shirrel Rhodes today about everything from comic books to magazines to novels, and especially about his latest publishing venture, Absolutely Amazing e Books. For more visit www.AbsolutelyAmazingEbooks.com.