Kenneth Butcher

This week we turned the tables. I have a new book coming out on June 2,2020 called As the Crow Dies. My good friend, scholar, and former professor at Rollins College, Tim Yocum agreed to interview me.  For more on this and my other books you can check out my author wed site at

Christy English 2020

I had a great time as always talking with Christy English. We discussed her latest book, Waking Sarah Ann, the character of cats and much else. I got the feeling Christy liked Sarah Ann even more than her other protagonists and I could understand why.

To follow Christy and her work you can visit her website at

Natan Ballingrud

If you’re a fan of horror, dark fantasy, or just great writing this episode is for you. I got to talk to Nathan Ballingrud about his latest book, Wounds, as well as his previous book,  North American Lake Monsters, and much more. We met up at the Malaprops Popup Bookstore on Main Street Hendersonville, NC.

To learn more about Nathan and his work you can visit


John Burgess

On a recent trip to Washington D.C. I spoke with John Burgess. John has two nonfiction books on ancient Cambodia, Temple in the Clouds and Stories in Stone. He also has two fictional novels set in the same time and place, A Woman of Angkor and The Stairway Guide’s Daughter.

For more information about John and his writing visit

Kimberley Jochl

Kimberley Jochl has experienced things most of us only dream of. Fly Baby is her dramatic story of life at the very highest level of international ski racing competition and how that experience has affected her life. For more on Kimberley and her books visit .